The cheapest company I found out there for these flyers is 4 All Promos, they are pretty awesome
Here is the page for the flyers

I ordered 12,500 flyers up to 3 colors for $266 including shipping,  that is the minimum order

Contact my rep Liz Goodwin at 1-866-732-3386 to place an order

Templates are below, just change your info and save it as a pdf and send it to Liz
Tell her you want a 4 x 6 in canary yellow

Below is also an ad to run on craigslist to get people to pass out flyers for you
I pay them $10 an hour, they use an app called MapMyRun to track their time and route (GPS)
I expect them to cover 1 mile in 20-25 minutes

ultimate flyer template.doc
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